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DIY Tooth Fairy Tooth Holders? I had no idea it’s a thing!
Citrus Heights, CA

Posted on 11/29/2021 by Weideman Pediatric & Orthodontics
DIY Tooth Holder at Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Citrus Heights, CA 95610-7790 Did anyone else know Tooth Fairy Tooth Holders are a thing – A little receptacle to hold your child’s tooth for the Tooth Fairy? I remember when I was a kid, umpteen years ago *cough, I’d place my tooth in an envelope under my pillow in hopes that I would get a quarter. Yes, just a quarter. If I was lucky, a dollar! I might have drawn a picture on the envelope, but it was nothing spectacular.

One of the best things to come from the birth of the internet is being exposed to so many creative minds! If you’re a mom like me, I Pinterest. Heck, I could Pinterest all day! Trust me, I have many pinned projects that in theory, I will tackle and complete, but in reality, it will sit there and I’ll look at it and imagine what my project would look like in my home. Something that looks so beautiful and simple can be quite complicated! I get so frustrated with myself and think I should apply to be on that show ‘Nailed It!’ (Google it – it totally boosted my self-esteem, lol) Why can’t Pinterest have simple projects? Maybe I need to change my search filters, but it seems that every blogger gives me step by step instructions to complete an elegant something-or-other, and it rarely turns out like the picture.

Ok, back on topic, Tooth Fairy Tooth Holders. What does one look like? Can I just go to the store and buy one? And if so, what aisle is that on? That Pinterest Pinner in me thought, make one! but then I thought, oh man, what if it turns out terrible? So, I turned to my coworkers. Apparently, many of them know what a tooth holder is, I guess they should know – we do work in a dental office! Well, let’s just have some fun then! Let’s play a game and create a unique tooth holder and blog the results – Yes, I participated as well! Due to an overwhelming amount of questions and a few blank stares, the rules were created as such: pair up or work alone, do not exceed a $5 budget, and in 2 weeks create a unique tooth holder. The majority of supplies were purchased from the Dollar Tree, clearance isles of different craft stores, or found in that one junk drawer at home – you know the one, we all have one, don’t even deny it, lol. I was blown away by the variety of projects that were turned in!

Simple Tooth Holders

Remember that random junk drawer? Maybe you’ll find a little jar, box, or container that you and your child can decorate.

Simple Tooth Holder
Simple Tooth Holder
Simple Tooth Holder
Simple Tooth Holder

Tooth Totes

Decorate a little tote bag for the Tooth Fairy! One group used a miniature glass doll to hold the tooth tote – o.m.g. too cute!

Tooth Fairy Tote
Tooth Fairy Tote

Tooth Pillows

Create a simple or elaborate themed pillow! Pillows don’t always have to be sewn – You can find a variety of pillows at any home goods or craft store.

Tooth Fairy Tote
Tooth Fairy Tote

Tooth Wall Plaque with Tooth Chart!

Repurpose an old wall plaque into a painted adorable tooth chart! Take the tooth holder pillow from the plaque when it’s time to be placed under your child’s pillow. Don’t forget to document the date that tooth was lost!

Tooth Fairy Chart

Fairy Garden Tooth Holder

What the heck!?! As you can tell, #TeamWeideman has a few crafty people! Fairy Gardens are all the rage right now, why not create a fairy garden tooth holder out of an old teacup and saucer! Duh! lol

Tooth Fairy Garden Holder
Tooth Fairy Garden Holder

Tooth Origami

….. It just keeps getting better – Tooth Holder Origami! This specific #TeamWeideman member made a tooth box out of a dollar bill.

Tooth Fairy Origami

Tooth Fairy Tooth Holders can be just about anything you want it to be. Hey, if we can do it, you can do it! Be inspired and share your creations with us – Send us a pic of your craft to We’d love to see it and share it on social media! #TeamWeidemanDIY Happy Crafting!


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