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Conquer the ‘Spring Break Boredom’ by creating new memories!
Citrus Heights, CA

Posted on 10/8/2021 by Weideman Pediatric & Orthodontics
Hello Spring spelled out with flowers by Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Citrus Heights, CA 95610-7790Spring Break is almost here! Create family memories through new experiences and exciting activities! Make this Spring Break the best one yet with a few of #TeamWeideman’s favorite bonding activities!

Outdoor Games

The Winter Olympics may be over, but the games have just begun! Gather friends and family this spring break and challenge them to some friendly outdoor games, such as:

Blanket Race ̵ Form teams of two and grab a blanket per pair. One person sits on the blanket, while the other person pulls the blanket. The first team past the finish line wins!

Mummy Dress-Up – Split into teams. Select one member to be the mummy, set a timer, and try to cover the mummy with as much toilet paper or streamers as you can!

Penny Pacer – Each person must have one penny. Place the penny on one foot, and try to make it to the finish line without dropping the penny. If you drop the penny, you must start over! To make it more challenging, place a penny on each foot!

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Homemade Games for Kids

Here are some equally fun games/activities that are easy to set up and can be played inside the house!
1.  Laundry Basket Skee Ball – Using laundry baskets and cardboard (or another material) for a small ramp, play skeeball in your living room! Label each basket to keep track of points!
2.  Target Practice – Set up targets with paper towel and toilet paper rolls. With a Nerf blaster or whatever object of your choosing, try to hit the target!
3.  Glow in the Dark Bowling – Use water bottles as bowling pins, and stick glow sticks in them to make them glow in the dark! Use a basketball or soccer ball to knock all of the glowing pins down! If you can spare the time, this easy bowling game is a strike!
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Oh, The Places You SHOULD Go!

There are several locations that you can take the whole family during this spring break. Here are just a few places where the whole family is guaranteed to have a super time!

Sacramento Children’s Museum – This is an amazing place for young children to not only play but to learn as well! The Sacramento Children’s Museum provides activities in science, art, and music.

Sacramento Zoo – The zoo is filled with incredible animals, such as flamingos, monkeys, various reptiles, and more! Spend a day with the animals, and participate in their spring featured event — the EGGstravaganZOO!

West Wind Drive-In Theaters – Create special memories with the family by taking them to the drive-in theaters! Watch movies such as Peter Rabbit, Sherlock Gnomes, and A Wrinkle in Time, and take advantage of their “Family Fun” night!
Sacramento Zoo
Sacramento Museum
West Wind Drive In Logo


Spring Break is the perfect time to sit down and try a new craft! If you are feeling overwhelmed and can’t decide what crafts to pick, here are some choices to help get you started!
Crayon Art – Glue crayons to a canvas, and heat them with a hairdryer. The melted crayon wax will create a beautiful piece of art!
Egg Decorating – Spend some time this break decorating eggs! Draw faces, dye, and color eggs — let your creative side show!
Egg Carton Decorating – After decorating your eggs, continue to create egg-cellent spring crafts by using the egg cartons! Make flowers or bugs with the leftover egg cartons, pipe cleaners, and markers!
Rainbow paint meltin down a canvas

Have a fun and safe Spring Break!


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