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Caregiver Tips

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•  Explore our website and take a tour, download our social story to become familiar with what will take place at the appointment, and fill out our Get-To-Know you form and send it to our team.
•  Preparation is the key to the beginning of a positive dental experience; creating a predictable, fun and relaxing oral hygiene routine at home is crucial. A thoughtful routine may include the familiarity of brushing and flossing in the same room at the same time twice daily; starting with the front teeth and moving to the back ones, or any sequence that promotes remembering to get every tooth clean. Additions to that include singing the same song, using a three-minute timer, playing a favorite song, count the teeth as you brush, say “eee” to clean the front teeth, say “ahh” to clean the back teeth, or use a positive mantra such as “Mommy loves you and wants you to have clean teeth!”
•  Proper positioning and clear instruction are imperative. Wheelchair position can determine the effectiveness of hygiene; the head should be tilted back so that the caregiver can stand from behind and have better sight into the mouth. Clearly talk through what you are doing; “I am going to brush your back tooth by your tongue, please stay open big” and other clear descriptions.
•  Role play is a great way to prepare for the dental office visit. Incorporate aspects of dentistry in an imaginary dental setting such as; pretending to be a patient or dental professional, simulating the sounds such as swishing of water or suction, wearing gloves and a mask, use a mouth mirror and a flashlight, practicing how to clean and count teeth, smelling the toothpaste, and talking about how important it is to not get cavities.
•  Take preventive measures to avoid more complicated dental procedures. Ask your dentist about fluoride, xylitol, dental sealants and a protective diet.
•  Protective foods include milk and cheese for prevention of enamel wear and added saliva flow. Eating apples and cranberries help with antibacterial actions. Peanuts stimulate salivary flow and wash away food particles. Choose high fiber and crunchy whole foods such as fresh vegetables and fruit as opposed to soft and sticky highly prepared dishes.
•  Ask your dentist about the type of toothpaste to use in your situation and what medications are available in prescription strength to help your oral hygiene program at home. See if there are any customizable brushing and flossing techniques available for you.


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