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Infant Dental Care

babies in the officeYour baby deserves the best, and it doesn’t get better than a board-certified pediatric dental specialist. Our specialists recommend seeing your baby by their first tooth, or first birthday, whichever comes first! This appointment is the best thing you can do for your baby to prevent cavities for the rest of their life.

“What?! How can this one appointment be so critical?” Let us tell you why!

Advantages of Infant Oral Care Visits Include:

•  Establishing the right dental home for your child, curb any fears about going to the dentist
•  Learning the tools you need as a parent to keep your baby healthy
•  Demonstrating fun and effective ways to brush your baby’s teeth
•  Eliminating the need for unnecessary dental work (never needing a shot or drill)
•  Feeding and nutrition tips (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sold foods)
•  Teaching your child the importance of oral health from an early age
•  Continued preventive care and education that can lead to a lifetime of no cavities
•  Learn about teething and pacifiers
•  Building confidence and knowledge as a parent

We recommend both mom and dad come to their baby’s first visit. Our doctor will examine your baby’s teeth, check for decay, make sure teeth are erupting in the right order, screen all the oral tissues for diseases, determine proper jaw development and give valuable information on infant oral care and proper nutrition. Ask about our free new patient exam offer for new patients under three years old.

Learn More About Caring For Your Baby's Teeth:


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Your baby deserves the best, and it doesn’t get better than a board-certified pediatric dental specialist. Call Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics!
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