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Adult Treatment

Woman smiling with her daughter and staff at Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics.We understand that orthodontics for adults can be something as simple as realignment of the lower incisors in an adult who had orthodontics as a teen. Other indications for adult orthodontics may include making adequate spaces for a crown, implant or a bridge before your dentist places those restorations, align your bite to a functionally stable position to provide long term stability of your implants or bridges. When your periodontal condition is stable and you are under the care of a periodontist, periodontal disease may be easier to manage with orthodontic alignment of teeth so that hygiene may be improved.

Even though we primarily serve the orthodontic needs of children and teens, many parents of our patients enjoy sharing the time in orthodontics with their kids. We are happy to provide orthodontic care for anyone, regardless of age or need. Working with your dentist is one of our goals towards aligning the teeth for overall oral health.

A fascinating fact about adults is that their facial structure, musculature and jaw continues to grow and change with time. Although only millimeters per year, this growth is cumulative over decades and is surprisingly significant.

Adults with misaligned teeth routinely report difficulty chewing and may have to make adaptive alterations in swallowing. In addition, it can be difficult to produce certain speech sounds that even speech therapy cannot correct until the teeth and jaw are in functional alignment.

Adults who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain are likely feeling the result of years of living with having to compensate for misaligned oral structures. Also, some adults respond to stress by increased oral muscle activity. That coupled with an improper bite may indicate a need for orthodontic treatment as an adjunct to other treatment for muscle pain and stress control.

If you have questions about your orthodontic needs feel free to make a complimentary consultation appointment. Consider the adventure you may share with your child as you care for your teeth alongside caring for them.

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Orthodontics for adults can be as simple as realignment of the lower incisors in an adult who had orthodontics. Call Weideman Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics!
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