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Orthodontics for Children - A Dual Specialist Approach

Dr. Andrea with little children giving them the gift basket.Our dual specialist approach to orthodontics is advantageous for your child! You will receive professional advice from a pediatric specialist and an orthodontist about the growth and development of teeth and oral structures, and what your child’s dental future will look like, all at an earlier age.

Many parents already know that the most common time to wear braces is throughout the teen years. However, some problems can be detected earlier. We recommend an orthodontic evaluation no later than age 7. At this time, children have a combination of permanent and baby teeth. As permanent teeth are coming in, and jaws are developing, we can detect a variety of potential problems. This is the advantage of having a pediatric and orthodontic specialist work together for your child. Patients can be carefully monitored by both doctors as they begin the timing of their orthodontic journey at the most appropriate moment.

Early Treatment Allows The Orthodontist To:

•  Correct and guide your child’s jaw growth
•  Widen the jaws to make room for permanent teeth
•  Guide permanent teeth to come in straighter
•  Create more space for crowded teeth
•  Prevent permanent tooth extraction
•  Prevent the need for complicated jaw surgery
•  Help curb habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrust, etc.) that can damage teeth position and jaw development
•  Make chewing food and cleaning teeth easier

Parents sometimes worry about their child’s ability to cooperate prior to the teen years. We have found that in our office, younger children are generally very motivated and excited to begin orthodontic care. As always, we can collaborate with any general dentist or specialist during the orthodontic treatment, to ensure maximum success.

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